Time Salary

Time salary report shows all time-based income components that have to be paid to employees for a particular month such as overtime.

To view and download the Time Salary report go to the Reports > Salary Reports > Time Salary

List of employees

Select a specific salary component and click on the View button to view the list of employees for the time salary report.

Searching a Time salary report

To find a specific report, Select a particular period and search by Employee name in the ‘Search Employee’ option. You can also enter a part of a specific employee’s name. In such a case, the report will be generated for all matching employees shown as follows. There is an option available to filter the employee list by location, department, and salary component.

Downloaded Time salary report

You also have the option to download this report in excel format. Click on the ‘Export’ button to download the report in excel format. This is how the Time Salary report will be downloaded in excel format with employee code, employee name, department, etc.


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