WhatsApp Integration

We have implemented an AI-automated conversational agent,' Celia', with WhatsApp to provide instant access to HR-related information. WhatsApp addon is optional, you can visit our website for pricing details.

To get started with the functionality, let's go to Runtime Workman Mobile Application, and swipe to access the Left Navigation Bar as shown below:

From Left Navigation Bar click 'My Info' option as displayed below:

From this screen, click 'My Profile' option and you will be navigated to the Profile screen as shown below:

In the middle section, where it says Verify Your Mobile, click the 'Start Verification' button'.You will see the Mobile Verification screen to verify your mobile number, click 'Send OTP' button here.

Soon, you will receive a message on your phone with OTP to verify your mobile number.

Enter OTP in the textbox as shown above in the image, and you will see the Status is changed to Verified.

Simultaneously, you will receive a message on your phone stating that your number is verified. You can now connect on WhatsApp using the link mentioned in the message.

Click the link and you will be navigated to WhatsApp, where you will see some text, send that text as displayed on your screen.

After sending the text, you will see the 'Welcome message' on the screen. Now you can ask your queries from virtual assistant Celia.

Some of the examples of commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • You can mark your attendance by typing Punch in or Mark my attendance for today. You will receive the confirmation message that attendance is marked.

  • You can view your past attendance data. (e.g What's my attendance on March 5th)

You can view and download your Payslip.(e.g Send my payslip for February 2024)

Here are some additional questions to ask Celia.

  • You can apply for a full day leave (e.g. Apply leave for March 28, 2024)

  • To ask anything about your profile send a query ( e.g. What is my employee code)

  • You can check your leaves (e.g.How many casual leaves i took in January)

  • If you get stuck ask for help (e.g. Send help)

  • To disconnect just send disconnect.

Soon, you will receive a message on your phone with OTP to verify your mobile number.

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