Time Strikes

The Time Strikes Report summarizes strikes for the whole month which includes the remarks of late coming, early going, late going, and early coming.

In the Time Strikes report, all strikes are defined with different color circles such as Red for late coming, Yellow for early going, Green for early coming, etc. This report helps organizations in deducting the salary when the employee is late.

To view and download the Time Strikes report go to the Reports > Attendance Reports > Time Strikes. Select the period and click on the ‘View’ button to view the reports of all employees. Select any deduction under ‘Select Deduction’ to view the amount of deduction. You can filter this report by location, cost center, and department.

Searching an employee

To find a Time Strike report for a particular employee, select the employee by searching his name or employee code in the ‘Select Employee’ section.

Downloading the Time Strike report

There are both options available to download the report in excel format as well as PDF. Select any option and click on the Export button to download the report. When you select excel, this is how the Time Strikes report will be downloaded in the excel form with employee name, company name, strike type, strike reason, strike count, etc.

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