Processing Payroll

Process payroll to calculate salary and deductions for the active period.

Running payroll involves the process of calculating and distributing employee compensation, including salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions.

Run Payroll

To run the payroll for the active period, from the Left menu > go to Payroll > click Run Payroll.

To run the payroll, the active period is already marked as shown in the image above. If you want to change the active period, then go to Payroll > Periods.

Running Payroll for Organization

You can run the Payroll for the whole organization by selecting the 'All Employees' checkbox and clicking the 'Start' button. Once the processing is done, you will see the 'Payroll processing finished' message below the Start button as shown below:

Running Payroll for an Employee

You can also run the payroll for a particular employee by unchecking the 'All Employees' checkbox and clicking the 'Select Employee' button.

You will be directed to add an employee's name in 'Select Employee' dialog box. Once you add an Employee name, click the OK button to proceed further to process the payroll.

When the payroll is done, you will see the message 'Payroll processing finished' below the Start button as displayed in an image below.

Before Running Payroll

There are few important points that you need to remember before running the payroll. You need to make sure that the following data is captured correctly to run the payroll successfully.

  • Employees who have joined in this period are added - Any new employees who have joined in the current period need to be added. If you forget to add an employee and run the payroll for the organization, then that employee will miss getting the payroll for that period.

  • Employees left in this period are marked with the exit date - Any employee who has left the organization should be marked with the separation date information before running the payroll.

  • Attendance is marked for all employees - Make sure that attendance details in all the forms including Selfie, Remote, Travel, etc are captured and marked accurately.

  • Manual Deductions like Advances are captured -Any type of deductions like manual are captured before running the payroll.

  • Manual Salary Payments - Manual salary payments like Conveyance etc. are captured.

If any changes happen in the points mentioned above, then you need to run the payroll again.

  • Payroll Run is allowed only for a limited number of times per day.

  • Payroll Run is allowed in difference of 5 minutes only.

Payroll History

You can view the processed payrolls list on the screen below. The list displays recent payroll runs. If the most recent one's status is 'Running', please wait for it to finish before you can run again. In case of any errors, you can view it in the Result column.

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