Leave Types

To configure various Types of Leave, go to Setup > Attendance > Leave Types

Add Leave Type

To add a new leave type, click on ‘Add’ button at top right.

Following information needs to be entered on the above dialog: 1. Leave Name (Sick Leave or Casual Leave etc.) 2. Short Name (Up-to 2 characters for display in Salary Register) 3. Color (Select from available colors in dropdown to display on various locations) 4. Paid Leave (Select this if the leave is a paid leave) 5. Track Balance (Select if you wish to enable functions like grant, lapse, encashment) 6. Probation Rule (Select if this leave is allowed during probation period or not)

After adding a leave, it will appear in the list of leaves as shown above. To edit a leave, click on ‘Edit’ icon next to the leave name and make changes.

To learn about Leave Grant and Lapse policy, click here. To learn about Leave Encashment policy, click here.

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