Claims & Reimbursements

With help of Runtime employees can send their claims request via Runtime Workman Mobile Application and the admin can view and approve the same.

Allow employees to send claims for multiple different items within a single claim request. This will help to save their time. Employee can attached image of his reimbursement bills.

To use this feature go to> Requests> Claim Requests

  • Select the salary component in dropdown boxes at top row.

  • Choose the request status like open request, close request, approved request etc.

  • You can also filter employees by their names or employee codes.

  • Click on the ‘Search’ button to view the claim request.

You can see the 3 dots button in the right side of the corner. After clicking on this button you can see 2 options are here – Approve and Reject.

With help of Approve button you can approve the employee’s claim request and if you don’t want to approve this claim then you can use reject option.

You can download this file into excel format.

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