A pay period is a time frame used to calculate earned wages and determine when employees receive their paychecks.

In payroll, 'Periods' typically refer to the specific time intervals over which employee wages are calculated and paid. These periods can vary depending on the organization's payroll schedule.

To access Periods, go to Payroll > Periods.

Add Period

On the Periods screen, you can manage payroll periods and add the period by clicking the '(+) Add' button on the top right corner of the screen as shown below:

Once you click the 'Add button', the system prompts you to add Name, Date Range, and select the period options (Custom Days, Closed, Active, Allow Reporting) as displayed below:

System allows you to create periods every month or you can create periods for the year altogether. You can create the period for the calendar month e.g. from Jan1 to 31st Jan or a non-calendar month from 16th Jan to 15th Feb.

Period Options in Add Period

Custom Days - When you select the Custom Days option, you can enter the number of days on which you would like the system to calculate the salary. For. eg you selected the Date range between 1-Mar-2024 to 31-Mar-2024, and in Custom days you entered 30 days. The system will calculate the daily salary on basis of 30 days.

Closed - Closed payroll period refers to a specific time frame for which processing has been completed and finalized. Closed Pay Periods are "locked", which prevents you from making edits to the punches contained within a period once payroll has been calculated.

Active - An active payroll period refers to the current time frame for which payroll processing is ongoing or in progress. Once the active payroll period is completed, the payroll is closed, and the next payroll period begins.

Allow Reporting - This allows employees to view salary-related reports using the Workman mobile app.

Edit Period

Once the period is added, you can make any changes by clicking the Pencil icon under the 'Actions' column.

Reset Period

To Reset the period, click the Reset icon under the 'Actions' column and you will be directed to the Period Reset screen as displayed below:

Select Items to Reset

There are multiple options for you to choose from, please make a single or multiple selection as it applies to you.

Once you make the selection, click the 'Reset Selected Items' button as shown below and as per your selection changes will be reflected.

Period Reset Action cannot be reversed.

Delete Period

You can delete the Period by clicking the Delete icon under the 'Actions' column. When you click the Delete icon, the system prompts you to confirm the action, click 'Delete' button from the Confirm Delete dialog box and the selected period will be deleted successfully.

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