Employee Separation

Use employee separation to record and process employee exits and generate full & final statements.

Step by Step Instructions

Initiate Exit

To initiate employee exit, go to Separation > Initiate Exit. Select an employee by using the search employee option available at the top. To find employees from a particular location or department, select the relevant values in dropdown boxes and then search.

After searching employee by using the name, all the details required for employee exit will appear like Date of Joining, Department, Designation, notice period, etc.

Make following selections:

  1. Select the last working date

  2. Capture remarks, if any, in Remarks box

  3. If you are trying to retain this employee, check Trying to Retain.

  4. Click Initiate Exit to finish this step.

Pending Exits

To view list of exits which are initiated but not yet finalized, go to Separation > Pending Exits.

Cancel Exit

If you were able to retain an employee and do not wish to proceed with exit, simply click on Cancel from list of pending exits and the exit will be cancelled.

Process Exit

To proceed further with employee exit, click on Process. Note following points before Processing employee exit:

  1. The last working day should have passed.

  2. Employee attendance should be updated till the last working day.

  3. Any variable salary like incentives etc. should have been captured.

  4. Leave encashment, if any, should be applied.

  5. Gratuity, if any, should be applied.

  6. The period in which last working day falls, should be open.

Once the exit is successfully processed, the employee record will move to Ex Employees section.

Ex Employees

To view list of all ex-employees, go to Separation > Ex Employees.

Here, we have following options:

  1. Download FnF: To download employee's Full and Final Statement, click 'Download FnF'

  2. Re-process: If there is a change in employee attendance or salary and you wish to reprocess the exit, click on Re-process.

  3. Re-hire: If the exited employee joins back and you want to re-hire them, click on Re-hire and follow the instructions.

  4. Deactivate: To deactivate employee, so that it does not appear in the list of active employees, click Deactivate. This option will disappear once you have deactivated. After deactivating, you will see Delete option.

  5. Delete: To delete the employee record permanently from your account, click on Delete. This option will appear only after you have Deactivated the employee record.

Employee Exit Report

Use Employee Exit Report to keep track of all the employees that have been terminated or left your organization for some reason. This report can help you to analyze the most common reason of employees for leaving your company.

To view the report on-screen, click View. This report can also be downloaded in Excel or PDF.

Video Tutorial on Employee Separation

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