Cost To Company

Cost to company can be defined as the total sum of yearly expenditures the company incurs for an employee.

What is the Cost To Company

Cost to company is made of several components such as direct benefits, indirect benefits, future savings, and the deductions made by the employer due to the voluntary contributions of the employee but paid by the employer. Precisely CTC is the breakup of salary including non-payable salary components and additional employer costs. This feature enables you to generate the CTC report for one or more selected employees.

To generate the Cost to company report go to the Reports > Salary Reports > Cost To Company.

Generating the Cost To Company report

To generate the CTC report for more than one employee Select a period for calculating the effective salary of employees. Select the location, cost center, and department to filter the employee list for generating a CTC report [ no need to select if you want to generate the report for all employees]. Select the report format, PDF, or Excel, and click on the download button to proceed. If you select PDF, then the CTC report will be downloaded in PDF form.

Generating CTC report for a single employee

There is also an option available to generate a report for a single employee. Enter the employee’s name or employee code by searching in the ‘Search Employee’ box. You can also enter a part of a specific employee’s name. In such a case, the report will be generated for all matching employees as follows :

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