Users & Access

Runtime HRMS supports multi-user login to manage HR and Payroll functions. See how to add users and manage user access.

Administrator User

The account you use at the time of signup is created as an Administrator account. Administrator account has access to all areas of Runtime HRMS and can also manage other user accounts.

You can have more than one administrator account also.

Manage Users

To manage users for a business, login at and locate your business in the List of Businesses.

Only Administrators have access to the Manage Users page.

Click Manage Users to view list of users that have access to your account.

Edit Existing User

To edit an existing user from the list, click on Edit button next to the user record. Here you can change user's name, email and mobile. You can also switch between Admin and Non-Admin rights for this user.

Click Save after making the changes.

Change User Access

As an administrator, you can manage access of other users who are not administrators. To do so, click on Access button next to the user record.

Select all the options to which you want to grant access to the user. Once you are done with your selections, click Save.

Add New User

You can add a new user to your business and give them administrator or non-administrator access. To add new new user, click on Add New User button at top of user list.

Provide user's name, email and mobile number (10 digits only). Click Save to add the user to the selected business.

Select the Make Administrator checkbox if you want to add the new user with administrator rights.

If you try to add a new user but the user's mobile or email is already registered with us, you will see error messages as follows:

In such cases, you can use Add Existing User as explained below.

Add Existing User

An existing user is a user who has already signed up with us for another subscription. You can add them to your subscription and give them access to your existing business account.

Click Add Existing User button and search the user by email or mobile as shown below:

If the user account is found, the system will display the results as follows:

Select the Make Administrator checkbox if you want to add the new user with administrator rights.

Click on Add User to finish. If the user is not setup as Administrator, you can manage user access for this user by clicking on Access button (as explained in preceding section above).

User Limit

As of writing this, the maximum number of users permitted in a single subscription is 50. For more information, you can reach our support team at connect[at]runtime[dot]one.

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