Remote Punches

Remote Punch Report let’s you see all punches submitted by one or more employees during a period. It can be used to see the location of employee and also the street address of the punch.

Report Location

Access Remote Punch Report by going to Reports > Attendance Reports > Remote Punch

If you cannot access this page or your see ‘Access Denied’ message, please contact your HR Administrator for getting access.

Report Filters

Remote Punch Report offers all the standard filters like Location, Cost Center, Department and Employee. This report can be run for a selected date range that you can select in ‘From’ and ‘To’ date selections. See below for filter options:

Report Options

This report can be viewed on screen as well as available for download in excel. Both the options are described below:

View Report Online

To view the report online, make the desired selections and click on ‘View’ button.

Here’s how sample report looks like:

To view the location of a particular punch, click on the ‘Pin’ icon displayed at extreme right of the punch line. The punch location will be shown as follows:

Download Report to Excel

To download the report to excel, select your filters and date range and click on ‘Download’ button.

Here’s a sample report downloaded in excel:

Remote Punch Address Addon

Remote Punch Report displays address of each punch only when you have subscribed to ‘Remote Punch Address Fetch’ addon. This addon can be subscribed from the account panel ( If you haven’t subscribed to this addon, you’ll see following message when you try to view the report:

In such cases, you can still see the punch date/time and location on map, but you will see ‘Address not Fetched’ in the address field.

Remote Punch Address Addon: Instructions to Subscribe

For more information about this addon and pricing details, feel free to contact us.

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