Learn about Runtime HRMS Credits, how to buy and utilise the credits for various Addon services within Runtime HRMS.

What are Runtime HRMS Credits?

Runtime HRMS Credits can be used to buy certain transactional services like Employee Information Verification. Each Runtime HRMS Credit is worth INR 1.

How to Buy Credits?

To buy Runtime HRMS Credits, login to your account at

Click on List of Businesses to view all the businesses in your account.

Depending on your account, you may see one or more businesses on this page.

To buy credits for a business, click on Manage Subscription under that business box.

Under the Available Addons section, find Runtime HRMS Credits. Your current Credit balance is displayed as shown below:

Click on Buy to buy more credits. You will see a dialog box as shown below:

Select the number of credits you wish to buy and click on Continue to generate an invoice.

Once the invoice is paid, your account will be credited with selected number of credits.

Runtime HRMS Credit are charged at INR 1 per credit plus 18% GST. This means that to buy 100 credits, your invoice will be 100 + 18 = INR 118. In other words, you need to pay INR 118 for 100 credits.

How to Use Credits?

Runtime HRMS Credits can be used for following verifications:

  1. Employee Bank Account Verification

  2. Employee PAN Verification

  3. Employee Aadhar Verification

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