HR Letters

Save pre-defined letter templates with dynamic fields and send to employee(s) with one-click.

HR Managers are required to issue various important HR letters like offer letters, appointment letters, experience letters, etc. to employees. Runtime HRMS provides an easy way that enables you to generate and send these HR letters to employees without the need to compose them every time.

To use this feature, go to HR Management > Letters.

Create HR Letter

Click on Add button at top right to create a new letter. Enter a name of the letter like ‘Relieving Letter’ or ‘Appointment Letter’. Compose the letter using the rich-text box below. You can use formatting options like Bold, Italics, Underline and can even insert tables, page breaks and more.

Letter Options

There are two options below the letter name:

  1. Insert Report Headers

  2. Insert Report Footers

Selecting these options will automatically insert business name, logo, sub-title and footers on the letter. In case you are using pre-printed company stationery (letter head etc.), you can keep these unchecked. If you are going to print on plain paper, you can check these options for inserting headers and footers. To configure header, footer and logo, go to Setup > Business Information.

Dynamic Fields

On the right side of the text editor, you will notice a list of Dynamic Fields. These fields can be used anywhere in the letter body and will be replaced with actual value from employee record. For e.g. if you use the dynamic field {employee_name}, it will be replaced with actual employee name when generating the letter.

Once you have composed the letter, click Save to return to the list of letters.

Generate HR letter

To generate actual letter to issue to an employee, click on Generate button in front of the respective letter row. A dialog box will open which will ask you to select employee and date of issue. Select the employee by searching the name. You can also choose multiple employees here. Keep searching and add to the list of selected employees.

Select the date of issue.

You have three options here:

  • Send E-Mail: Select this to send the generated letter directly to employee’s official email address

  • Save in Employee Documents: Select this option to save the generated letter in employee document folder.

  • Download: Select this to be able to download the letter for further actions.

Make the required selections and click on Generate button.

Generate Results

Once the generation process is finished, you will see another dialog box showing the results of operation. If you have chosen to send the letter by email and a correct email address is available on the selected employee(s) profile, then the HR letter will be sent instantly and results will appear as shown below:

If you checked the Download option, the results window will display a link to download the generated letter.

Sample HR Letter

Here is a sample of HR Letter generated from this module. It also contains business logo, business name, sub-heading etc. You can also choose to include or hide these as per options explained above.

Thus, the HR Letter module allows you to save a lot of time in composing and sending letters to individual employees. With pre-defined templates, you can generate and send letters with just a few clicks.

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