Travel Tracking

Travel tracking allows you to track employee visits and movement while they are in field work.

Travel Tracking is a paid addon. Please visit pricing page for current pricing information. Once activated, your monthly billing amount will increase by the price of this add-on.

Travel Tracking Addon allows you to track employee movement in the field by using geo-location on their mobile devices.

Travel Tracking Addon enables two features as follows:

Travel Punch

Travel punch can be used by employees to record their visits, while they are in the field. These visits can be client locations, visits to multiple offices/factories within your organization or more.

With each travel punch, employees can attach supporting documents and comments. This can be a summary of discussion at client place, a site photograph etc.

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Live Travel Tracking

Live travel is used to track actual movement of an employee. Live travel is started and stopped by employee using Workman (mobile app) and tracks employee location in the background. Once a travel is stopped, HR Manager can view the full route which employee travelled, along-with no. of kilometers travelled.

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