Strike Rules

Strike rules let you define more advanced configuration for attendance calculation when employees are coming late or going early on repeat basis.

Suppose you want to mark half-day if an employee is late for 10 mins for 4 or more times in a month, strike rules can be configured to do so easily.


Let’s take an example to understand this option. Suppose you want to specify penalties on late comers as follows:

  • If late for more than 10 minutes for 4 or more times, mark Half Day

  • If late for more than 20 minutes for 2 or more times, mark Half Day

  • If late for more than 30 minutes for 2 or more time, mark Absent

To setup these types of rules, go to Setup > Time > Time Rules.

Under the ‘Late Coming’ tab, create rules as follows:

Rule # 1

  • If More than: 10 mins

  • Strike: Green

  • Time Adjustments: As per time based (hourly) payments or select ‘Consider Actual

Rule # 2

  • If More than: 20 mins

  • Strike: Yellow

  • Time Adjustments: As per time based (hourly) payments or select ‘Consider Actual’

Rule # 3

  • If More than: 30 mins

  • Strike: Orange

  • Time Adjustments: As per time based (hourly) payments or select ‘Consider Actual‘

Once the above time rules are defined, go to last tab on same page ‘Strike Rules’.

To apply rules to all Grades of employees, select ‘All Grades’ in the top selection. If you want to define separate rules for different grades of employees, select a grade from the list. Define rules as follows:

If Green Strikes are more than: 3, Mark Half Day If Yellow Strikes are more than: 1, Mark Half Day If Orange Strikes are more than: 1, Mark Absent

That’s it. You have configured the Strike Rules as per above setting. Now, Run Payroll to calculate salary for the current month and you can see Half-Day or Absents automatically applied in employee attendance.

Effect of Strike Rules on Time Summary Report

Once Strike rules are defined and applied, the Time Summary report reflects the result of Strikes for each employee on each day of the month.

Applicability of Strike Rules

More than one rule applicability

If more than one rule are applicable for a particular day, for e.g., if an employee is late by 25 minutes, both Rule # 1 and Rule # 2 are applicable since 25 is greater than both 10 and 20. However, the system will consider the rule based on descending order of Rules. The descending order of rules will be: Strike Rule # 5 (Black), Strike Rule # 4 (Red), Strike Rule # 3 (Orange) and so on. So, in this case, Rule # 2 (late by more than 20 minutes) will be applicable and Rule # 1 will be ignored.

More than one instances of strikes

If more than one instance of strike condition is applicable for a particular period (month), all instances will be processed in batches. Let’s take an example to understand. Ms. Simran came late to office for 5 days in the month as follows:

  • Day 1: 11 minutes late

  • Day 12: 14 minutes late

  • Day 14: 12 minutes late

  • Day 18: 17 minutes late

  • Day 25: 18 minutes late

In this case, Rule # 1 is applicable on all five days. Rule # 1 says that for every 2 late instances, half-day should be marked. Moving chronologically from Day 1, Half-day will be marked for Day 12 and Day 18 since these days represent 2 instances of Rule # 1 strikes. Late on Day 25 will have no effect since it alone does not satisfy condition specified by Rule # 1.


We hope that above article makes it easy to understand the Strike rules in conjunction with Time Rules to specify advanced attendance criteria for your company. For any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us.

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