Excel Import

The Excel Import feature allows you to add or remove attendance in the excel sheet.

Importing attendance data into an Excel sheet involves transferring attendance records from an external resource. The import feature lets you import attendance of a day, week, or month altogether. Importing the data involves three steps:

  • Export Data

  • Edit the Data

  • Import Data

Export Data

To get started with Excel Import, go to Attendance > Daily Attendance and click 'Export Data' on the right corner of the screen.

You will be directed to the Export Attendance screen to select Location, Cost Center, and Department and click the 'Export' button as shown below:

Once you export the Excel sheet, you can see Code, Employee Name, Dates columns, and Leave Types. You can edit the exported Excel sheet and make the changes.

Editing the Exported Excel Sheet

  • Importing Attendance - You have the option to import the attendance for a day or a week by keeping the columns related to that and deleting the remaining ones.

  • Deleting and Adding the new Columns - You should not delete columns A, B, and C as they contain Serial Number, Code, and Employee Name details. Additionally, you should not add any new columns in the sheet.

  • Deleting the Rows - Row 1 contains all the Column Names, so Row 1 should not be deleted.

  • Half Day Attendance -If you want to mark 'Half Day' attendance, you can write it as P/A as shown in the Excel sheet below:

Import Data

Once all the edits are made, you can Import the Data by clicking the 'Import Data' button on the extreme right corner of the screen.

You will be directed to the Import Attendance screen, where you can choose your file to attach, and select attendance Types to Import as shown in the image below;

Click the 'Import' button, and all the data will be imported.

When we are importing the attendance using an Excel file, the system will ignore the time punches and attendance and will consider the changes made in an Excel sheet.

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