Travel Punch

Travel punch allows you to record list of places visited by an employee along-with information related to the visit like comments, attachments, pictures etc.

Travel Punch is an Addon. To use this feature, check your subscribed Addons under Manage Subscription page.

Enable Travel Punch

To allow employees to submit travel punches, you need to enable the same on employee profile. To do so, open the employee record and go to employee Options page as shown below:

Turn ON the ‘Enable Travel Punch’ setting to allow employees to submit Travel Punch from Runtime Workman mobile app.

Grant Permissions on Workman

Employees also need to grant Location permission on Runtime Workman to use Travel Punch. Location permissions are required for QR code scanning and Remote Punch also, so the permission may already be granted. To check the Location permission, follow the instructions here.

Submit a Travel Punch

To submit a travel punch, simply open the ‘Travel Punch’ screen from Workman Home. Wait for a few seconds while your location is fetched and updated on the map as shown below:

Once you see ‘Location Available’, you will also notice ‘Accuracy: xx meters’ on right side. To get a better accuracy, you can wait for a few more seconds till the accuracy improves. Generally, an accuracy of 15 or below is considered good.

Enter your remarks and attach any files/pictures to record with your travel punch.

Once ready, click on ‘Submit’ to submit the travel punch.

Distance Calculation

Submitting more than one punch in a single day also calculates distance between the places of visit. This gives you a rough idea of distance travelled in a day. Since the actual route travelled is not monitored in case of Travel Punches, the distance shown is only an approximation. We use a variety of techniques to estimate this distance. In case you wish to calculate exact distance travelled by you, use Live Travel instead.

It may also be noted that while a Live Travel is in progress, the distance calculation does not work for Travel Punches.

Errors & Warnings

You may encounter certain error messages when submitting a travel punch. Here is a list of common errors and their possible solutions:

  1. Maximum 3 attachments are allowed: You can attach maximum 3 attachments per request. If you get this error, try reducing the number of attachments and try again.

  2. Travel punch not enabled on your profile: This error indicates that travel punch is not enabled on your profile. Contact your HR Manager or Runtime HRMS administrator to update your profile as described in above sections.

  3. A punch within +- 2 min already exist: There must be a minimum 2 minutes of difference between travel punches. If you submit punches in succession, you may get this error. Wait for 2 minutes and try again to resolve this issue.

Travel Punch Attendance

Using Travel Punch, employees can submit attendance punch also, eliminating the need to submit two separate punches. By default, Travel Punch attendance is disabled on employee profile and you need to enable it at employee level. To do so, go to employee options and Turn ON ‘Travel Punch Attendance’ as shown below:

How does it work?

Travel Punch Attendance works in the same way as any other punch like Remote Punch or Biometric Sync. Here are the general guidelines to follow:

  1. There should be a minimum of 2 minute difference between punches.

  2. First punch is Punch-In and second punch is Punch-Out. Similarly, third punch is again Punch-In and so on.

  3. If an employee is only using Travel punch, he/she must submit a punch at the beginning of the day and another at the end of the day to calculate attendance.

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