Salary Summary

Use Salary Summary Report to view salary summary including payable days, earnings, deductions, and net salary for a particular month.

To view the salary summary go to the Reports > Salary Reports > Salary summary.

Select the month and click on the ‘View’ button to view the employees’ salary summary list. The salary summary will contain salary details like the name of the employee, payable days, earnings, net salary, etc. You have the option to filter the list by locations, cost centers, and departments.

Filter By Employee

You also have the option to generate the salary summary for a specific employee by entering his/her first or last name in ‘Search Employee’.

Salary Summary Report – Excel Export

Click on the ‘Export’ button to download the salary summary report. Here is how you can see a salary summary report will be downloaded in excel format with the company name, address, month, etc.

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