Salary Slips

Download Salary Slips for all or selected employees. Send Salary Slips to employees with a single-click.

Runtime allows you to send payslips (or salary slips) to one or more employee with a single-click. This feature saves a lot of time and ensures accurate delivery of payslips to employees using their official email address.

To send payslips by email, go to Reports > Salary Reports > Salary Slips

Period and Employee Selection

Select a period by using left and right arrows buttons available at top left. To filter employees from a particular location, cost center or department, select the relevant values in dropdown boxes at top row. You can also filter employees by their names or employee codes. For e.g. enter ‘Ashish’ in the ‘Search Employee’ box to filter employees having ‘Ashish’ in their names.

Click on ‘Download (PDF)’ to download salary slips in PDF file. This step is highly recommended to do a sample check for data accuracy before you send out salary slips by email.

Click on ‘Email’ to send salary slips by email. The system will prompt you to confirm your action as follows:

Click ‘Yes, Send E-Mails’ to send out emails.

Please note: Salary slips will only be sent to those employees who have a valid e-mail address updated in their profile.

After the sending function is finished, a log file is shown which contains details of emails sent and skipped. Review this log file to make sure all the e-mails are sent out. In case you see errors like ‘Invalid Email address’ or ‘Email Address not found’, update the relevant employee records.

By default, salary slips are sent using Runtime HRMS's default mailbox. To configure and use your company e-mail address to send emails from Runtime HRMS, please read this article.

Benefits of sending salary slips by email:

While having a discussion about sending payslips to employees via mail, one ought to know about the advantages of electronic payslips. Moving to the electronic payslips not only updates you as a modern employer but there are multiple benefits for employees as well as organizations.

  1. Sending payslips via email is a cost-effective approach. The explanation for this is that payslips are accessible on the web, there’s no prerequisite for printing or posting them to staff.

  2. This is an environment-friendly approach. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating paper and ink usage. Employees can always print in case they need to.

  3. Sending payslips to employees via mail is considered the most secure and risk-free process in terms of data security & safety.

We hope this explanation will encourage you to make the best use of this feature and adopt a modern methodology for sending payslips to employees.

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