Salary Register

Salary register is one of the basic payroll reports. It helps you view and analyze salary of all or selected employees in a consolidated report.

Path to report

Go to Reports > Salary Reports > Salary Register to access this report.

Customizing Salary Register

With Runtime, you can customize the salary register to show exactly the information you want. Read more to understand how this works.

There is a lot of information associated with employees and payroll which is stored and available in Runtime. However, each business has it’s own requirements to show or hide certain information only and not everything that’s available. This is why we have made Salary Register fully customizable to show only those fields/information that is relevant to your business.

Salary register is generated from Reports > Salary Register option. On this page, you will see an option of Report Format as shown below:

To edit the available options, click on ‘Edit’ button below the selector. This will open following screen of options:

As you can see above, we have listed various information related to employees in multiple headings. For e.g., under Basic Details, you can see information like Employee Code, Employee Name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining etc. To make a particular information appear on Salary Register, simply check the relevant box and click on ‘Save Format’ at bottom of the screen.

After saving the options, when you generate Salary Register, it will have only the selected fields and no other information.

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