Time Register

The Time register shows a detailed break-up of time spent in office, early coming, late going and more for one or more employees in your organization.

To view and download time register report go to the Reports > Attendance Reports > Time Register.

Select a period and click on the ‘View summary’ to view the time register report.

You can also download the time register in Excel or PDF by clicking on respective ‘Export’ buttons.

Report Options

Viewing Paid Hours

Under the ‘Salary Component’, you will see list of Time based salary components (if any). Selecting the salary component will also show paid hours as per the rules defined for that component.

Exclude Zero Paid Hours

To exclude records with no paid hours, select the ‘Exclude Zero Paid Hrs.’ option. You can filter the employee list for time register reports by location, cost centers, department, and salary component.

Search a specific employee

To view the time register for a specific employee, select the employee by searching with the employee code or employee name in the ‘Employee’ section.

View Daily Break-up of Time Register

To view the daily break-up of time register, click on the ‘eye’ icon under the ‘Details’ column.

Here is how a detailed time register report with date, attendance, actual in and out time, etc. will appear. You can also download this report in excel by clicking on ‘Download’.

Report Use Cases

Time register is helpful in cases where you want to monitor employee’s daily time-in and time-out. Moreover, if employees are regularly coming late or going early, that can also be noted from this report.

In case your salary payment is based on time spent by employees in office, this report can serve as a detailed proof of how time based salary is calculated.


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