Leave Encashment

Leave encashment allows you to pay salary to employees in lieu of leaves accumulated over a period of time.

To encash leaves, go to Payroll > Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment Options

On the above screen, make selections as explained below:

  • Location: Select the location for which you want to process the leave encashment. Leave ‘All Locations’ to process for all.

  • Cost Center: Select the cost center for which you want to process the leave encashment. Leave ‘All Cost Centers’ to process for all.

  • Department: Select the department for which you want to process the leave encashment. Leave ‘All Departments’ to process for all.

  • Employee: Select the employee if you want to process leave encashment for a single employee. Leave empty to process for all employees.

  • Balance As On: Select the period from which the balance of leaves should be considered to calculate encashment. This can be a past period also. For e.g., you can process encashment in month of March for balance of leaves as of last year’s December.

  • Balance Above: Enter no. of days here above which the balance should be encashed. For e.g., if balance of leaves as per ‘Balance As On’ period is 10, and ‘Balance Above’ is 2, the no. of leaves encashed will be 8.

  • Select Leave: Select leave which is to be encashed. Only those leave where Balance Tracking is enabled will appear here.

  • Select Components: Select the salary components which are to be encashed. For e.g., you may have ‘Basic’, ‘HRA’, ‘Conveyance’ etc. components. But while calculating encashment, you only want to consider ‘Basic’. In such case, select only ‘Basic’ from the list.

Once all selections are made, click on ‘Generate Summary‘. You will see a summary of encashment for employees who are eligible as per selected options:

If the calculations appear correct, click on Process to calculate leave encashment for each displayed record.

To change the selections, click on Change Options to go back to Encashment Options and make necessary changes.

Once you click on Process, the system will calculate leave encashment for each employee and update values for the currently active period.

Review Encashment Details

Encashment values are updated for each employee in same way as any other Variable Salary is captured. Go to Data Capture > Variable Salary

Select Leave Encashment in the component dropdown and click Load Employees.

Here, you can see the amount of encashment calculated by the Leave Encashment process. In case you want to delete the encashment for any particular employee, click on blue ‘List’ icon at end of the row. Another dialog will open to display details of the calculation and amount. Simply click on ‘Delete’ to remove the record.

To increase the encashment amount, enter the value in Amount column, enter your comments and click on green ‘Plus’ button to save

Manual Leave Encashment

You can also process leave encashment manually using Data Capture > Variable Salary. Here you can capture the amount to be paid to employees in the active period for as leave encashment.

Manual leave encashment does not deduct the leave balance from employee's leave account.

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