COVID-19 Vaccination

Runtime let’s you keep track of your employees’ COVID-19 vaccination status using Runtime Workman (Mobile App) and Runtime Dashboard

As the COVID-19 pandemic is now on downfall, it becomes even more important to keep track of employee vaccination status and take necessary steps to ensure 100% vaccination of employees. Runtime has made is super-easy to maintain status of employee vaccination using our self-service mobile app (Workman) and Dashboard (Web).

Let’s see how you can use Runtime to identify your employees’ vaccination status and ensure everybody is vaccinated.

Employee Declaration using Runtime Workman

The first step is the self-declaration by employees regarding their vaccination status using Runtime Workman (Self-Service Mobile App).

To do this, open menu on Workman and go to > Others > Vaccination.

On this screen, select the vaccine from the list of vaccines available in India. Here is the list of COVID-19 vaccines currently available in India:

Select date when the vaccine shot was taken. Also, attach a copy of certificate by clicking on Camera icon (to take picture) or Gallery icon (to select from gallery).

After this, click on ‘Submit’.

You can do multiple submissions for different doses of vaccine. Make sure you select the correct date when you took the shot.

Note – Maximum of entries allowed per employee: 4

To view details of your submissions, click on ‘History’ link at top of the vaccination page. This will display list of entries already submitted by you. In case of an incorrect submission, please ask your HR Manager to delete the entry and submit again.

View Status on Runtime Dashboard

HR Manager or Administrators can view status of COVID-19 vaccination using Runtime Dashboard.

Go to Reports > Employee Reports > Vaccination

  • Select a particular location or department to view details related to that location or department. To view details of entire business, leave the selections to ‘All’.

  • Select ‘Not Vaccinated’ to view list of employees who have not submitted any vaccination details.

  • Select ‘Vaccinated’ to view list of employees who have submitted at least one vaccination detail.

  • Click on ‘View’ to view the report on-screen or click on ‘Excel’ or ‘PDF’ to download in respective formats.

Here’s how the report will look like:

As you can see in the report above, vaccination details are shown against the name of each employee. To download the certificate uploaded by employee, click on ‘Download’ icon next to vaccine shot date.

Notify Employees

To make the best use of this feature, it is important to inform your employees about it. You can do so in following ways:

  • Use HR Notifications to inform all employees at once

  • Inform Department Heads to percolate the information down

  • Affix a notice on your business Notice Board where everybody can see it

Update Workman

COVID-19 Vaccination is available in Runtime Workman (Google Play Store, Apple AppStore) version 5.1 and above only. When you issue information to your employees, make sure you tell them to update their application, if not already done so.

Need More Help?

Reach out to use using contact us page or post a message on our WhatsApp channel in case you have any questions. We are here to help you navigate smoothly through this time.

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