Leave Request Approval

Leave requests can be approved or rejected from Runtime HRMS HR Portal.

What are Leave Requests?

Leave requests are submitted by employees when they plan to take a leave in future or when they have already taken a leave and want to avoid being marked as Absent. Runtime HRMS calculates employee attendance based on time in/out data which may come from biometric or using a Workman punch (like remote punch or missed punch). If there are no punches found for a day, employee is marked Absent for that day. Absent results in loss of pay. Therefore, employees apply for leaves to avoid loss of pay and instead avail the leaves available in their accounts.

Leave Request Approval

Typically, leave requests submitted using Workman or Connect portal are sent to employee’s manager or HR manager for approval (as per your setup). However, there may be cases where the manager or HR manager is not available to approve the leaves.

There, Runtime HRMS admin portal allows approval or rejection of Leave Requests directly.

To view, approve or reject the leave requests go to the Requests > Leaves. Here is how you can see the list of leave requests.

The list displays the type of leave, name of employee who submitted the request as well as the comments, attachments submitted along with the leave request.

Searching a Leave Request

To find a specific leave request, you have the option to search by Employee Code or Request Id. You can also search by Status, i.el, Open or Closed requests.


Click on the ‘Download’ button to download the list of requests displayed on screen.Here is how the downloaded leave request will appear in excel form as follows:

Approve or Reject a Leave Request

To approve or reject any leave request click on the … button at end of the row and select from Approve or Reject (see below screenshot). Select the ‘Delete’ option if you want to delete the request.

Once you approve or reject a leave request, the requesting employee will be notified via a push notification on their Workman.

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