Project Management

Project Management lets you manage internal and external projects by assigning team members, creating tasks and capturing timesheets.

Project Management is a paid add-on. Please check our pricing page for charges. Once activated, your monthly billing amount will increase by the price of this add-on.

Types of Projects

With Project Management addon of Runtime HRMS, you can manage internal as well as external projects. Internal Projects refer to process improvements, internal controls and other projects. External projects refer to any client facing projects where you need to track time spent on tasks/projects for billing or costing purposes.

Team Members

Each project in Runtime HRMS can have multiple team members working on it. One or more members can be Project Managers, who have extended rights to manage projects and view reports.


Projects can have one or more tasks with start and end dates. Tasks are visible to each team member who can capture timesheet against work carried for that task.

Time Sheets

Team members in a project can capture time sheets for activities carried out against each task. Timesheet entries have date, start time and end time, comments and attachments for work done.

Project Report

Project Report gives a detailed report of each team member, tasks and timesheet captured for the project. It also includes total hours worked against each task and total hours worked for the entire project. These values can be used to calculate costs incurred for each project and/or calculate billable amount for external (client-facing) projects.

Introduction to Project Management - YouTube Video


Project Management Addon is a simple to use functionality within Runtime HRMS that integrates seamlessly with HR Portal, Mobile apps and ESS Portal. Get started with Project Management today to track and monitor your internal and external projects.

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