Multiple Businesses

Runtime HRMS allows you to manage multiple businesses within one account. Easily switch between businesses without logging out.

Sometimes companies need to manage Payroll & HR for multiple businesses when there is more than one legal entity within a corporate group. Another reason one may need to manage multiple companies is in the case of Payroll or HR outsourcing businesses, as they may have multiple clients.

Runtime HRMS allows you to manage such cases very easily.

Adding First Business (New Signup)

When you signup for the first time, you are asked to add a business by providing business name, country, address etc. details. This first business comes with a free trial of 7 days, which you can use to evaluate the product and try all features before actually buying the subscription.

Here’s how the Add new business screen looks like:

Adding Additional Business

Similar to the above process, you can add new businesses after you have added your first (trial) business.

Enter business name, address, no. of employees, and click Continue.

Additional business is added in inactive state. You need to renew it immediately to activate. Click on Renew button and follow the normal renewal process to activate the new business.

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