Attendance Types

Attendance in Runtime HRMS can be marked using multiple methods. Every method has time-in and time-out punches coming from various sources. Here we will see different type of sources for attendance.

Attendance Sources

Here are the different types of attendance sources supported by Runtime HRMS:

  • Remote Punch

  • Missed Punch

  • Location QR Punch

  • Travel Punch

  • Biometric Sync

  • Excel Import

  • Manual Entry

Let’s now discuss about all the attendance sources in detail.

Remote Punch

Remote Punch is submitted using Runtime Workman, our employee self-service mobile app. Remote punch captures employee’s location, date, and time of punch.

Missed Punch

Missed Punch is useful in cases where employees forget to punch on the actual date/time. Missed Punch is a type of request that goes to an employee’s Manager or HR Manager for approval. Once approved, Missed Punch is marked as a time punch in employee’s time data.

QR Punch

Location QR is a unique QR code generated for each business location defined in a Runtime HRMS account. The Location QR code is linked to the latitude and longitude of a location. This QR can be printed and pasted office walls and can be scanned by employees to mark their attendance. Location QR Scan is successful only when the employee is within the defined location perimeter. If someone makes a copy of the QR code and tries to scan the same from a different location, it will not work.

Travel Punch

Travel Punch is used to track employee travel while visiting client locations or travelling. Travel Punch can also be linked to Attendance so that employee does not have to submit separate requests for travel and attendance. Learn more about Travel Punch here.

Biometric Sync

Runtime HRMS supports syncing attendance data from supported Biometric devices. Once setup, the attendance punches are automatically synced from your Biometric to Runtime HRMS attendance. Learn more about setting up your Biometric device here.

Excel Import

Attendance time punches can also be imported using an excel file. To do so, download our Excel template from Attendance > Daily Time Punches > Import/Export.

Manual Entry

A time punch can be inserted manually by HR Manager using Attendance > Daily Time Punches page. Select a date and load employee data by clicking on ‘View’ button. To insert a time punch manually, click on ‘+’ icon next to employee name. Enter time of punch and click ‘Save’ to insert.

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