Manual Entry

When Employees miss marking their attendance in Runtime Workman Mobile App, this process of recording attendance can be done manually by an authorized person or by an HR Manager in HRMS Portal.

Adding Time Punch from Daily Time Punches (HRMS Portal)

There are couple of ways an HR Manager can manually add or view attendance for all employees.

Click Attendance > Daily Time Punches, then add all the details including Location, Cost Center, Department, and Search Employee. Once you add all the details, click 'View' button. Depending on your search you will see all employee details.

Under Actions, click the (+) button to add Time Punch details ( Punch Date, Punch Time, Remarks) as shown below:

Adding Attendance from Daily Attendance (HRMS Portal)

You can mark employees' attendance using the Daily Attendance feature.

Click Attendance > Daily Attendance, select Period, Location, and search Employee details. Click the 'View' button, and the selected period's calendar will be displayed as shown below:

Select the Date and 'Update Attendance' screen will be displayed to mark the attendance. From the Attendance drop-down, you can select the attendance type as configured by your organization. You can also mark half-day attendance by simply checking the box as shown below:

View Time Punch from HRMS Portal

To view time punch details, click the three dots under 'Actions' as displayed below:

All Punches screen opens to display all the details as shown below:

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