Employee Work Profile

Manage employee work profile information with historic changes.

Runtime HRMS enables storing and tracking employee work profile information throughout employee’s tenure in an organization.

Here is the list of information stored by work profile manager:

  • Location

  • Cost Center

  • Department

  • Designation

  • Work Shift

  • Employee’s Reporting Manager

  • Employee’s HR Manager

Further to the above, whenever you change any information in employee work profile, you can specify if change is due to a promotion or otherwise. This marking is important for Promotion Ageing Report. Click here to know more about Promotion Ageing Report.

View Work Profile

To view an employee’s work profile, go to Employees > All Employees and search for an employee. From the search results, click ‘Edit’ icon in front of an employee’s name.

On the following screen, go to ‘Work Profile’ tab as shown below:

Currently effective values are displayed on this screen. To make a change or correction in existing values, simply pick the right value and click on ‘Save’ button at bottom of the page.

Add Work Profile Revision

To add a new change in employee’s work profile, click on ‘Add’ icon next to ‘Effective Date’.

Select a month and year from which the change is effective. If this change is due to employee’s promotion (like designation change), tick the ‘Consider Promotion’ check box.

Click ‘Add’ to save the change.

View Work Profile Change History

To view history of changes in work profile, simply select the date from ‘Effective From’ dropdown. As you change the selected value in this dropdown, the values displayed at bottom will update.

Delete A Work Profile Revision

In case you want to delete a work profile revision, simply select the revision in ‘Effective From’ date and click on ‘Delete’ icon next to it.

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