Remote Punch

This feature helps employers or Managers track employee attendance and manage work hours, especially for remote or distributed teams.

Managers can enable/ disable the Remote Punch feature at an employee or at the organizational level in the HRMS Portal. Once it's enabled, an employee can mark their attendance by using the Workman mobile application.

Enable Remote Punch at the Organization Level

To enable Remote Punch at the organization level, go to Setup > Requests & Approvals > Remote Punch.

From here, you can configure the settings and enable/ disable the Remote Punch for the Organization as shown below:

Enable Remote Punch at Employee Level

To enable this feature, go to All Employees > Employee > Attendance & Punches and Enable it. To disable it, simply click the ON button.

View Attendance (Remote Punch) in HRMS Portal

When employees mark their attendance using the Remote Punch feature in Workman Mobile app, managers can view the record of their attendance in the HRMS Portal.

To view the record, click Attendance > Daily Time Punches > add all the information and click view.

For an employee, under Actions, click the three dots to view All Punches details.

You can also download the details in Excel format by clicking the download button.

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