Live Travel Tracking

Live Travel Tracking allows you to track employee's movement while they are on field duty. Live Travel tracking also calculates the number of kilometers travelled by an employee.

Live travel tracking involves using GPS technology to track the location of individuals while they are traveling for work. It allows managers to monitor the progress and current location of their travels, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Enable Live Travel at an Employee Level

To enable this feature, go to All Employees > Employee > Options > Travel Tracking > Enable Live Travel and enable it. To disable it, simply click the ON button.

Once this feature is enabled in Runtime HRMS Portal, employees can use the Live Travel feature to punch travel punches in the Workman application.

Review and Approve Travel Punches

Managers can review and approve Travel Punches submitted by employees in the HRMS Portal. The approval process is optional, in case if you want to review the distance travelled. You have the option to pay conveyance allowance based on actual data or approved data.

To approve, go to Attendance > Travel Data, here you can select the Location, Department, Date, and Employee name. Click the 'View' button and you will see all the details including Employee name, Punches, Calculated and Approved distance & Actions icon.

Under Actions, click an eye icon to see all Punch details screen. In front of travel details, you will see three icons.

Flag icon - The first icon is the Flag icon, when you click this icon, you will see the map view. On map, you can use (+) and (-) icons to zoom in and out.

Recalculate icon - Next to the Flag icon is the Recalculate icon, which helps to recalculate the distance of the travel.

Delete icon - The last icon is the Delete icon, click the Delete icon if you wish to delete the travel details.

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