Add multiple designations within an organisation and assign designations to employees.

Creating designation helps HR Managers to differentiate between job roles and responsibilities. Many employees can work under one grade but within different designations. For example, ‘Associate’ is a grade, and many employees with a different designation such as senior associate, and junior associate can work under this grade title (Associate). Adding designation to the employees will help HR managers manage human resources related to their respective areas.

To create designations in your organisation go to the Setup > Work Profile Masters > Designations. Click on the Add button to add a new designation.

Adding a new Designation

Enter a name to create a designation and select a grade under the ‘Grade’ dropdown. Click on the ‘Save” button to save the newly added designation. If you select ‘Make Default’ option then in that case when you don’t define designation for a particular employee then the default designation will be considered as his/her designation.

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