Custom Domain

Runtime HRMS Custom Domain Addon allows you to access Runtime HRMS on your company’s domain for e.g.

Runtime HRMS Custom Domain Addon allows you to access Runtime HRMS on your company’s domain for e.g. This guide contains step-by-step instructions to setup and activate Custom Domain Addon with Runtime HRMS.

Custom Domain is a paid add-on. Please check our pricing page for charges. Once activated, your monthly billing amount will increase by the price of this add-on.

Identify Sub-Domains

To setup Runtime HRMS on custom domain, you need to identify 2 Sub Domains. In the following examples, we are assuming your company’s main domain to be

  1. HR Portal:

  2. ESS Portal:

Configure DNS Records

Once you have identified the sub-domains, you need to add DNS Records in your domain registrar’s panel so that the domains start resolving on Runtime HRMS servers. This is a two-step process as described below:

Step 1: Find your data-center address

Visit and login to access your account. Click on ‘List of Businesses’ on the left panel and notice the Data Center where your Runtime HRMS instance is hosted. See an example below:

Step 2: Update CNAME records for sub-domains

Add following CNAME records for HR and ESS Portals

Record TypeHostValueTTL



Runtime HRMS Data Center (without https://)

Default or Minimum



Default or Minimum

Enter the Data Center without https:// For e.g. a valid value can be:

Step 3: Raise a Support Ticket

Once you have finished the above steps, login at and go to Support > New Ticket. Select your business from dropdown and select Custom Domain Addon Activation in the category. Provide following information in Description box:

  1. HR portal sub-domain: (your sub-domain)

  2. ESS portal sub-domain: (your sub-domain)

Our team will activate the Custom Domain Add-on and will make the necessary configuration changes in Runtime HRMS servers to complete the integration.

Once the integration is complete, we'll respond on your support ticket. You can confirm the same and close the ticket.

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