Runtime HRMS covers a wide variety of HR Management options. Using our easy to use HR automation tools, you can save 100s of hours every month.

HR Management

HR Management comprises of many activities like onboarding employees, maintaining proper HR records, ensuring compliances and keeping employees satisfied with workplace culture and environment.

The task of HR Manager is not an easy one. It has a dual responsibility where on the one hand, HR Manager must keep employees happy and motivated, while on the other hand, ensure that company's goals and objectives are met. Thus, it is for the HR Manager to balance the two acts and make the most out of everyone.

While there are many elements of HR management that have a human element, and no technology can replace it. For others, we have got you covered.

List of HR Automation Tools

Explore these HR Automation tools to save hours of work each day and create a great experience for your teams and management.

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