Travel Register

Travel punches allow you to track employee travel history with location, time and distance travelled during a month and day.

Recording Travel Punches

Employees can record travel punches using Runtime Workman. Those employees who have field jobs and are frequently involved in client visits can enter multiple punches during the day, representing each visit.

Open Workman application and go to Requests > Travel Punch.

Current location (from GPS) is visible in the map indicator on this page. Enter comments (for e.g. visited Client XYZ) and submit to record a punch. Ideally, a punch should be entered while leaving the office so that distance between office and client location can be recorded.

Enter a punch for each subsequent visit and finally when back to office at end of the day.

View Travel History

To view list of punches and details of travel, click on ‘History’ link at top of the page. Here is how it will look like:

Travel History Report on Runtime Dashboard

HR Manager or Administrators can view employee travel history using Travel Register.

To access this report, go to Reports > Attendance Reports > Travel Register.

Select a period, location, cost center or department as per your filtering needs. To view report for a specific employee enter employee name or code in ‘Search Employee’ field.

Total distance travelled by each employee during the entire period is shown as below:

For daily breakup of visit including time, address and location, click on ‘Details’ button to expand the view. Click on the ‘Pin’ icon to view the location on map.

Download Report

Travel register can be downloaded in Excel or PDF. To download, click on respective button.

To download with daily breakup of travel details, select ‘Show Detail’ checkbox, else leave it unchecked for summary level report.

Update Workman

Travel Punch feature is available in Workman version 5.1 and above. In case you don’t see ‘Travel Punch’ option on Requests page, make sure your application is updated. Application update links are as follows:

Android (Google Play Store) iOS (Apple AppStore)

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