Information Verification

Runtime HRMS’s Information Verification feature allow you to verify employee information like PAN, Aadhar and Bank Details.

What is information verification?

As we save a lot of employee information, there are always chances of storing incorrect or misspelled information. While it may not be possible to get everything 100% correct, there is certain piece of information where incorrect data may lead to financial obligations, both on part of employee and the employer. Runtime HRMS’s information verification features let you verify such critical information to make sure you have the right data available for all your employees.

Types of Verifications

Bank Account

Having right bank account details is important to make sure the salary transfer happens in the correct employee. Even a slight error in the account number may lead to salary getting transferred in wrong account. It is even more important because once a transfer is initiated in a wrong account, it is almost impossible to reverse it.

With Runtime HRMS, you can verify employee’s bank account details using a few clicks. To do this, go to ‘All Employees’ and open the relevant employee record. Then navigate to the ‘Personal Info’ tab as shown below:

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