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Keep your employees updated on important announcements, policies and procedures related to your business.

What are HR Notifications?

HR Notifications can be used to send bulk notifications to all or selected employees within your company. This includes sending updates related to company policy changes, upcoming events, important management announcements etc.

Where are HR Notifications Delivered?

HR Notifications can be sent in two ways:

  • Push Notifications (on Runtime Workman)

  • E-Mail Notification

How to Send HR Notification?

To send an HR Notification, login to Runtime Dashboard ( and from the main navigation menu, go to HR Management > Notifications.

On the top-right of the page, click on ‘New’ button to create a new notification.

Here is the description of fields displayed in above window:

  • Location & Department: Select a location if the notification is to be sent to employees of a specific location only. Leave ‘All Locations’ to send to employees of all locations. Similarly select ‘Department’ if applicable.

  • Search Employee: If the notification is to be sent to a single employee, search by his/her name or employee code, else leave empty.

  • Release Date: Enter a date on which notification should be sent. You can select a future date to schedule notification for future.

  • Subject: Enter title of notification. This text appear in the Subject of E-Mail and Title of push notification.

  • Description: Enter full description of notification. This text appear in the body of E-Mail and and pull-down description of notification.

  • Image: Optionally, you can attach an image to this notification. This image will be included in the push notification payload.

  • Severity: Select if the notification severity is Low, Medium or High. This does not impact delivery time, but severity is displayed when users view the notification on Workman notification page.

Delivery Methods

Next, select if you would like to send this notification as E-Mail or as a Push Notification. Select both to send using both channels.

Click ‘Send’ to release the notification. If the ‘Release Date’ is set to today’s date, the notifications will be queued for delivery immediately. There may be some delay in sending all notifications based on number of employees as per your selections. Usually all notifications will be delivered within a few minutes.

Important Note: Notification delivery using Push Notification and E-Mail is subject to network delays, device availability and other transient challenges. We cannot guarantee 100% deliverability and recommend against using this service for emergency purposes.

Notification Display Samples

This is how a notification appears on various channels:

Need More Help?

If you need more help to send notifications or you are facing issues with using this feature, feel free to contact us or send a message on our WhatsApp support group.

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