WhatsApp Addon

By using WhatsApp Addon functionality, you can interact with our automated conversational agent,' Celia', who provides information, answers questions, and performs various tasks based on predefined commands.

WhatsApp is a paid addon. Please visit our website for current pricing information. Once activated, your monthly billing amount will increase by the price of this add-on.

Once you purchase the WhatApp addon, you can integrate it and save your time.

Enter OTP in the textbox as shown above in the image, and you will see the Status is changed to 'Verified' now.

After sending the text, you will see the 'Welcome message' on the screen. Now you can ask your queries from the virtual assistant 'Celia'.

Some examples of commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • You can mark your attendance by simply saying Punch in or Mark my attendance for today. Attendance will be marked and you will receive the confirmation message as shown below:

  • You can view your Past Attendance as shown below:

  • You can view your Payslip by sending the command ' Send my payslip for February 2024'.

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