Bank Transfer Letter

Bank Transfer Letter is a salary report which is sent to the bank for crediting monthly salaries to employees’ accounts.

To view and download Bank Transfer Letter go to the Reports > Salary Reports > Bank Transfer Letter

View The Bank Transfer Letter

To view, the bank transfer letter select a particular month and click on the ‘View’ button. You also have the option to filter the employee list by location and department.

Searching and downloading the bank transfer letter

To search for the bank transfer letter of a specific employee, enter his/her name in ‘Search Employee’ and click on the ‘View’ button. In the next step click on the Export button to download it in excel format.

Downloaded Bank Transfer letter

This is how the bank transfer letter will be downloaded in excel format with details such as employee code, employee name, bank name, bank account number, etc. You can download this bank transfer letter for multiple employees as well. After downloading it you can send it to your company bank manager to credit salaries to your employees’ accounts.


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