Attendance Register

The Attendance Register displays records of the leaves, present, absent, holidays and weekly offs for each date of a selected period.

To view or download the Attendance Register go to the Reports > Attendance Reports > Attendance Register.

Generating Attendance Register

Select a period for which you want to view the attendance register. To filter the report by location or department, select the respective value otherwise leave the default selections. Click on ‘View’ to see the register on screen.

Click on ‘Download’ to download the attendance register in excel format.

Attendance Register Options

You can customize or filter the attendance register with following additional options:

Search by Employee

To view the attendance register for a single employee, search by entering a few characters of employee name or employee code in the ‘Select Employee’ box. This is a wild-card search and will display records of all matching employees.

Show Time Punches

Clicking this option will display time-in and time-out for each day of the month. So, along-with the attendance data, you can also see time punches for a complete understanding of how attendance is calculated.

Show Strikes

Time Strikes are used to monitor repeated occurrences of late coming and/or early going by employees. Selecting ‘Show Strikes’ will also display Time Strikes information in case employee came late or left early on a particular date. Learn more about Time Strike Rules here.

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