Leave Correction

To make corrections in the leave balance, go to the Attendance > Leave correction. To filter employees by location, department or employee code, select the relevant filters. The types of leaves defined in your setup will appear in the ‘Leave Type’ dropdown. Select the one for which you want to make corrections and click on ‘Load’.

Here’s how the page will look like after loading the employee details. You will see an ‘Opening Balance’ for each employee. This number represents ‘Closing Balance’ of previous month. Enter the correction value in the text box next to each employee and click on ‘Save’ button in respective row. You can enter correction value in negative also (to deduct leave balance).

Verify Leave Correction

To make sure that leaves have been added successfully, go to the Reports > Attendance Reports > Leave Register. Select the month for which you made the correction, select employee filters and leave type from the dropdown. Click on ‘View’ to view leave summary for selected employee(s). See below sample report:

Under the ‘Correction’ column, you can verify the number of leaves corrected for the employee. This impacts the closing balance of leaves for the current month.

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