Runtime HRMS comes with many addons to enhance your experience. These Addons are completely optional and your can subscribe/unsubscribe as per your needs.

What are Addons?

Addons are additional features or functionalities to enhance your experience within Runtime HRMS. For e.g., the Project Management Addon enables features to manage projects, tasks, timesheet and more within Runtime HRMS.

Addons are optional. You can activate or deactivate addons as per needs. Addons are billed for a fixed amount every month, unlike your base subscription which is billed per-employee.

For current price of the addons, visit our pricing page.

List of Addons

Here is the list of all Addons offered under Runtime HRMS: (Click on any link to view details about that Addon)

pageCustom DomainpageTravel TrackingpageProject ManagementpagePerformance ManagementpageRemote Punch AddresspageCredits

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