QR Punch

QR based attendance allows users to mark attendance based on geo-fencing and geo-tagging. QR codes can be generated for all office locations and people will be able to mark attendance only from their

Generate QR Code

To generate a unique QR Code for your office location, go to Setup > Locations.

Set Location Co-ordinates

For any given location, click on the green location pin icon to open map.

Find your office on the map and drag the red marker on your office building. Once you drag the marker the Latitude and Longitude values will be automatically updated in the boxes as shown in above image.

Area Radius

Depending upon the total area of your office, set a radius in meters. If your office covers a large area, you may need to select 80-100 meters. For a smaller office, 30-40 meters is sufficient. We’ll verify in next steps if this radius needs to be adjusted.

Click Save to Save location co-ordinates.

Download QR Code

After you have saved location co-ordinates, you will see an additional icon on location card to view the QR Code.

Right click on the QR Code and select “Save As….” to save the file on your computer. You can print this image on a blank sheet of paper and paste it at your office entrance.

Scanning QR to Mark Attendance

If you have multiple locations in your account, an employee must be assigned the correct location where he/she is working.

Open Workman application and tap on ‘Self Scan’ button on home page.

Point the phone camera on Location QR and allow the system to scan the same. Within a few seconds, you will see a message ‘Attendance marked successfully’.

Potential issues and resolutions:

After scanning the QR, you may encounter some error messages. The messages, along-with resolutions are described below:

  1. “Please turn on Location and try again”: To resolve this issue, make sure you have turned on Location on your phone. If the location is turned on, make sure you have granted location access to Runtime Workman. To check this, go to Settings > Apps > Workman > Permissions. Check Location permission is included in ‘Allowed’ list. If Location is appearing in ‘Not Allowed’ list, tap on location and select ‘Allow while in use’.

  2. “Location mismatch. Allowed distance xx mtr. Actual distance: yy mtr”: This error means the user’s location does not match with office location. If you are present in the office and this error shows up, it means that either the location co-ordinates were changed by HR Admin or your phone’s location is not accurate. If the difference shown is a few meters (for e.g. 20-25 meters), adjust the Area Radius to a higher value as described above.

  3. “Location QR is not configured. Please contact support”: This error shows up when the employee does not belong to the location whose QR code is begin scanned. Verify the employee location using Work Profile section and update if necessary.


QR Code based attendance provides an easy and secure way of marking attendance in a contact-less manner. Switch to QR code based attendance today and modernize your work place.

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