Employee management, being the core of Runtime HRMS, is the most comprehensive and user friendly feature of Runtime HRMS.

Runtime HRMS allows you to manage employee records elaboratively. We have various sections to store employee details like Personal Details, Family, Work, etc.

From the Navigation menu, go to All Employees > Employee. You will see multiple tabs to save Employee information as shown below:

Employee Details Tab

  • Basic Details - In this section, you can save the employee's basic details including Name, Phone number, Joining Date etc.

  • Addresses - You can save your Permanent and Present address details in this section.

  • Personal Info - This page is divided into multiple sections consisting of General information, Bank details, Aadhar number, Income Tax Pan and additional info.

  • Family - You can save Family related details on this page.

  • Work Profile - You can add Location, Shift Policy, Designation details, Furthermore, Reporting Hierarchy Manager details can also be added.

  • Salary - On this page, you can add, edit or view Salary Revisions here.

  • Documents - You can upload any employee- related docoment here and Employees can view or dowload from Mobile Application.

  • Assets - You can view the List of issued assets to employees or can add new asset.

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