Manage Subscription

Renew your Runtime HRMS Subscription plan, change employee limit, subscribe or unsubscribe addons and more.

Runtime HRMS comes with a base subscription plan which is billed on per-employee basis. You can select the number of employees in your plan at the time of signup. This limit can be increased or decreased any time (details below).

The base subscription can be renewed for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year or 3 years duration.

To check the latest pricing of base plan visit our pricing page here.

Plan Renewal

To renew your base subscription plan, follow these steps:

  • If there are multiple businesses in your account, find the one you want to renew and click on Manage Subscription button.

  • On the Manage Subscription page, click on Renew next to your subscription, as indicated in the screenshot below:

  • On the following dialog, select the renewal duration (for e.g. 1 month, 3 months or 1 year)

  • Click Calculate to see the charges required for the renewal.

  • Click Pay Now to generate and open invoice for payment.

  • Make payment using available payment options like Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card, UPI and more.

Your account is renewed instantly upon payment using any available payment options on the invoice page.

In case you pay using NEFT or IMPS into our bank account (details listed on invoice), drop an email at connect[at]runtime[dot]one with your account name, invoice number and payment reference. We'll renew your account within 48 working hours.

Employee Limit

The minimum number of employees for the base plan is 10. You can add or deduct number of employees in your subscription any time.

Increase Employee Limit

To increase employee limit, login to your account at and click on Manage Subscription next to your business name. Locate the current employee count under Quantity column (see below):

Follow below steps to change employee limit:

  1. Click on Edit (pencil icon) next to employee limit.

  2. Use the +/- buttons to increase the limit to the desired number.

  3. Once the desired limit is set, click on Calculate to show the amount that needs to be paid.

  4. Click on Generate Invoice to generate an invoice.

  5. Pay the invoice to finish employee limit change.

Decrease Employee Limit

Follow the instructions given above till step no. 3 to select new limit. Click Generate Invoice to finalize limit reduction. No invoice will be generated and limit will be decreased instantly.

Important: Please note that we do not issue refunds in case of decreasing employee limit, irrespective of the validity left in your subscription. It is recommended to reduce the limit when your subscription is close to renewal date.


Runtime HRMS comes with many addons like Performance Management, Project Management, and more. An addon, as the name suggests, adds new functionalities to your subscription.

The list of available addons for your subscription is mentioned on the Manage Subscription page.

To subscribe for an addon, follow below steps:

  1. Click on Subscribe button next to the addon as shown above.

  2. On the following dialog, click Calculate to see the charges payable. These charges are pro-rated based on the validity of your subscription. For e.g. if you are subscribing to Performance Management addon @ 999 per month and 2 months are left in your subscription's validity, the total charges would be 1,998 (plus GST).

  3. Click on Generate Invoice to generate invoice.

  4. Pay the invoice using online payment options to instantly activate the addon on your account.

Removing Addon

You can remove an addon previously added to your account, to stop incurring charges for the same. Click Remove and confirm the removal.

Important: Please note that we do not issue refunds in case of removing an addon for the term remaining if your subscription's validity. It is recommended to remove the addon when your subscription is close to renewal date.


Managing subscriptions on Runtime Account portal are simple and easy to use. You have full control over your account and charges. In case you need additional help related to subscription management and payments, feel free to reach out to us at connect[at]runtime[dot]one or raise a support ticket from the support menu (available on left navigation menu).

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