Weekly Offs

Weekly off is a pre-defined holiday like Sunday or Saturday. The employees are not required to come to the office or workplace on a weekly off.

Runtime HRMS allows you to define weekly offs for each location separately. For e.g. if your Office has Weekly off on Saturday and Sunday while your factory only has Sunday as weekly off, you can create two locations – Office & Factory. Thereafter, you can define separate weekly off for each location.

To manage weekly offs, go to the Setup > General Settings> Weekly Offs

Click on the Weekly offs link.

After clicking on the Weekly offs, you will see the list of all seven days in a week with the different locations of your business. To allow Sunday as a weekly off, select the checkbox under ‘Sun’ column for each location where Sunday is a Weekly Off.

Here is an example of applying weekly-offs where Sunday is a weekly off for all locations but Saturday is a weekly off for only Jaipur, Mumbai, and Pune.

This is how you can enable the weekly offs setting and you can change it or update it in the future. Weekly off details will be mentioned in the salary slip.

Weekly Off Payable Attribute

Usually weekly offs are payable. But in case your salary calculation does not make payments for weekly offs, de-select ‘Weekly Off Payable’ option at top of the page.

Recalculation of Weekly Offs during the month

If you change the weekly off setting in middle of a month, the attendance may not reflect the updated attendance unless you run the payroll. Therefore, it is advisable to run the payroll after changing the weekly off setting, to reflect the fresh attendance status for all affected employees.


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