Exit Reasons

Employees exit their organization for many reasons. These reasons could be better career opportunities, dissatisfaction with a work profile, better compensation, and others.

Runtime HRMS allows you to define exit reasons for employees leaving the organization.

To add and edit exit reasons go to the Setup > General Settings > Exit Reasons.

Click on the Add button to proceed.

Defining a new Exit Reason

Enter a reason for an employee’s exit in ‘Reason Name’ and select an ESI mapping in the dropdown. There is also an option given to edit the existing reason. Simply click on the edit icon to edit the reason. In case you wish to delete any of the exit reasons then you can do so by clicking on the delete icon.

Note – When an employee leaves the job, the reason for leaving is required to be submitted in the ESI return for that month. ESI has provided the following list of reasons shown in the ‘ESI Mapping’ dropdown, from which one is to be selected.

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