Monthly Attendance

The Monthly Attendance allows you to capture total number of presents, absents, leaves etc., in the month without tracking daily attendance.

To use this feature go to the Attendance > Monthly Attendance. If this setting is not enabled, you may see a screen as shown below:

To enable the monthly attendance option click on the link given in above warning message or go to Setup > Attendance Settings.

Enable Monthly Attendance

To enable maintaining attendance on a monthly level, rather than daily, enable this option as shown below. Save the setting to proceed.

Please note that as shown in the screenshot above, enabling monthly attendance will disable Employee attendance calendar, attendance import, daily time in/out punch view.

View Monthly Attendance

After enabling the monthly attendance option, go back to Attendance > Monthly Attendance page. You will be able to view the monthly present, leaves, and absents as shown below. You can use the filters to view attendance for a particular location, cost center or department.

Update Attendance Numbers

Using the page above, update the present, absent, weekly off, holiday, etc. for each employee by entering the value in respective cell. You can also use bulk-update by using the ‘Export or Import’ option. Click on the Export or Import option on top of the right in the monthly attendance setting as shown above.

Download the Excel Template

Click on the Export button to download the existing monthly attendance data in an excel template.

Update and Import Excel

This is how an excel file of existing monthly attendance will look like. Edit the monthly attendance of any specific employee or in bulk then save the file. To update the monthly attendance of employees, choose the saved excel file with edits and click on the ‘Import’ button shown above.

When to use Monthly Attendance

Monthly Attendance should be used only when you do not want to capture employee attendance on a daily basis. Using monthly attendance will not tell you if an employee was absent or present on a particular date. You will only know the total number of days he/she was present or absent during a month.

Usually, if you have a separate system to track employee attendance in detail, and want to use Runtime only to calculate payroll based on total presents/absents, then you can enable this option. In other cases, this option is not recommended.

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