Add New Employee

This feature lets you add a single employee record from the HR Portal.

To add a new employee, go to Employee menu and click on ‘Add New Employee’

If you are not an administrator and your account does not have ‘Approve Employee’ authority, you might see a warning at top of this page: “Employee record will be held for approval”.

On this page, you need to enter some basic information of the new employee. First Name and Joining Date are mandatory fields. You can fill in other fields if you have the information available.

After completing the form, click ‘Save & Continue’ and you will be redirected to Employee detailed view page.

On this page, you can enter more information as follows:

1. Addresses (Permanent & Present) 2. Family Details 3. Personal Details like Bank Details, PAN Card etc. 4. Work Profile 5. Salary 6. Options

As mentioned above, if you are not an administrator and you do not have rights to approve employee records, the new employee records added by you will be held for approval by your administrator.

Approving New Additions

To approve employee records added by a non-admin user, go to Employees menu and click on ‘Approve New Additions’.

To view an employee record, click on the button at extreme right of the employee record. Once you open the employee record page, you will see a message at top of the page

Review the information on the page and click on Approve to approve the addition and create employee record. In case you do not wish to approve the record, click on Options button and click Delete Record.

Video Tutorial for Adding New Employee in Runtime HRMS

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