Employee Information

Runtime HRMS helps in employee information management by storing employee data in an organized manner.

As an business owner or HR Manager, it is one of your important responsibility to store your employees’ information in a proper manner which is also easily retrievable when needed.

Runtime HRMS allows you to store employee information under following categories:

  1. Basic Details

  2. Addresses

  3. Personal Info

  4. Family Details

  5. Work Profile

  6. Salary Details

Each of the above categories are explained below:

Basic Details

This is the first page of employee information.

This includes following fields: 1. Joining Date (Mandatory) 2. First Name (Mandatory) 3. Middle Name 4. Last Name 5. Gender 6. Date of Birth 7. Confirmation Date 8. Office Phone 9. Mobile Number (10 digit mobile, if entered) 10. Residence Phone 11. Emergency Contact 12. Employee Code 13. Attendance Code (Know more)

The mobile number entered on this page is used for all SMS communication from Runtime HRMS to employee.


Second page of employee information allows you to enter present and permanent address of the employee.

If both the addresses are same, you can enter “Permanent Address” and click no “Copy from Permanent” button to copy the details from Permanent to Present Address.

Personal Information

This page allows you to store personal employee information like passport number, driving license number, bank details, and statutory information.

All the fields are optional in this category. Certain fields carry special meaning and usage which is described below.

Office E-Mail

All email communication from Runtime HRMS to employee is sent on this email.

Bank Details (Account Number, IFSC Code and Bank Name)

These details are used when generating bank letter for salary transfers.


These are statutory identification numbers and used in the returns of Income Tax, ESI and PF respectively.

Aadhar Number

Please note that as per UIDAI regulations, 12-digit Aadhar number cannot be stored by employer or any other agency. You can use the Aadhar section to verify employee's 12-digit Aadhar and fetch the name as per Aadhar. The system will then store the Name as per Aadhar and last 4-digits of the Aadhar itself.

Know more about verification.

Family Details

Using this page, you can store employee’s family information like marital status, list of family members along-with dependency information of family members.

Date date of marriage entered here is useful for sending automatic greetings to employees on their wedding anniversaries.

Work Profile

This section lets you store work related employee information like location, department, designation, work shift etc. You can also define employee’s reporting manager and employee’s HR manager on this page.

To know more about work profile management, click here.

Salary Details

Using this section, define employee salary details which will then be used to calculate employee’s salary month to month.

To know more about defining salary and salary revisions, click here.

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